Are Multivitamins Right for Your Health?
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Are Multivitamins Right for Your Health?

  • 07/25/2019
They say an apple a day will keep the doctor away. While it's certainly true that apples have plenty of health benefits, including fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, they can't do the job of keeping your body healthy all by themselves.

Even with a nutritious diet, our bodies can still have difficulty obtaining the complex variety of vital nutrients we need every day. If you're like many women, you operate a busy schedule with a ton of tight deadlines, and you may not be able to eat all your recommended daily values. This is why multivitamins are important.

How Do the Best Multivitamins for Women Enhance Their Health?

Vitamins and minerals can be used to enhance health functioning and fill in nutritional deficiencies in your diet. Multivitamins, in particular, are important because they contain a specific allotment of essential nutrients your body needs to stay strong. Bear in mind, however, there's no one-size-fits-all solution when you're trying to find the best vitamins for women. It's important to find the formula that's right for your unique body.

What You Need to Know Before You Choose a Women's Multivitamin

Not all multivitamins are created equal. Before you choose a multivitamin for women, you need to know why you're looking for vitamin in the first place. Are you experiencing health issues? Are you simply trying to supplement your diet? Do you have symptoms that point to the signs of aging?

Certain people run risks of vitamin deficiencies in their bodies. For example, pregnant women may become iron-deficient during their pregnancies. Vegans and vegetarians may have difficulty obtaining enough Vitamin B12. Since this vitamin is found predominantly in animal products, a plant-based diet may benefit from a Vitamin B12 supplement. More commonly, Vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc are often lacking from people's diets, but remain critical for a strong immune response and other important bodily functions. Genetics can also play a role in vitamin deficiencies and risks that could otherwise be avoided with the proper vitamin supplements. The key comes in knowing what your history is and what your risks are. When you're armed with this knowledge, you can know which multivitamin is most suitable to your personal situation.

The Limitations of Vitamins

Some people think vitamins can help them lose weight. That's simply not true. What is true, however, is that women who are on a strict diet may be neglecting themselves of certain essential vitamins their bodies need. In these cases, a women’s multivitamin can help fill in nutritional gaps, allowing women to stay true to their diets, without keeping their bodies from everything they need to succeed.

Vitamins also won't help you gain muscle mass, but a great strength-training regimen will. In order to be at your best in the gym, you need to have a strong body that's getting everything it needs. This is where multivitamins enter the picture.

Multivitamin Gummies

Thankfully, gummy vitamins aren’t just for kids. Gummy multivitamins are a great choice for adult women who have difficulty swallowing and digesting pills. Although multivitamin gummies are convenient, tasty, and effective, they often contain smaller doses of vitamins and minerals and may not provide the full amount you need. The best multivitamin gummies are made with natural sweeteners (not from high-fructose corn syrup) and natural colors and flavors (from fruits and vegetables).

When Should You Talk to Your Doctor or Nutritionist?

If you're experiencing pain or situations out of the ordinary, such as hair loss, excessive bruising, or blood in your stool, you need to consult a professional right away. While gummy vitamins are great for preventative measures, they can't cure ailments that already exist. Your physician or nutritionist can help you assess your health, diet, and nutritional needs to ensure you're on the right path for a fruitful life.

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