Sneaking in Movement in 2020

Sneaking in Movement in 2020

  • 01/19/2020
Sneaking in Movement in 2020

Small steps *literally* for big results

Easing back into a routine post-holiday can be… rough. Every time January hits, I’m left dazed and confused. The gym is a distant memory, my body thinks it has vicious addiction to Christmas cookies and holiday cocktails, and there’s only a 50% chance that my bum hasn’t become physically and permanently fused into my couch.

While I’m not going to apologize for living my best and most extra life during the holiday season, it does leave me wanting regarding my typical health and wellness routines. And if I were to try to jump right back into my pre-holiday routine? Well I’m pretty sure I would immediately send my body into severe physical shock.

One thing that I CAN do to get myself back on track is add-in little moments of movement every day. While an hour at the gym can sound IMPOSSIBLE post-holidays, three minutes here and there sounds totally manageable. Plus, it has some major health benefits, like increased focus, more energy, and a decreased risk of disease (Columbia University Medical Center, 2017).

So we’ve put together our favorite sneaky and mindless ways to get moving every day to improve your health and shake off a little of that post-holiday fog.

(NOTE: Plz safely remove your peach from your couch prior to attempting any of the tips below)

1. Use a smaller water/coffee cup

Smaller cups = more trips to fill it up. You may be surprised at how much movement this can add to your day. Just make sure that you don’t start drinking less water in the process!

2. Use a bathroom on a different floor

Commit to using a bathroom 2-3 floors away from you and you’ll get your heartrate up while adding some steps to your day. Just remember to factor in the extra travel time when gauging your… bladder needs.

3. Get resistance bands

Everyone should have resistance bands. They’re cheap, they’re easy to use, and they turn any room into a full-body gym. During the winter, when I can’t get outside for a walk, I set an alarm on my phone and once every hour, I do 3-5 minutes of resistance band workouts. I don’t even have to get out of my office chair to do them which means I’m not completely embarrassing myself in my cube, nor am I distracting my coworkers. And if you’re looking for some effective and simple resistance band exercises, I happen to know a great resource for leg, arm, and total body exercises. (spoiler alert, it’s my website)

4. Put up a pull-up bar

I work from home now and one of the best things I’ve done for my arm strength and my focus at work is add a pull up bar onto my office door. You can get them on Amazon for less than $30 dollars and they don’t require any extensive set-up (thank goodness!!). If you can’t do a pull up, add a resistance band to your bar or do negative pull ups.

5. Walk around during phone calls

During your next phone call, grab an empty conference room (or living room if you work from home, holla) and do some laps. You will be shocked and amazed at how refreshed you feel afterward.

6. Park as far away as possible or get off the bus one stop early.

There are a lot of ways to do this. At my previous job, I started parking at the building next door. My husband purposely picked the parking ramp furthest away from his building when he was in school at USC. If you use public transportation, try getting off early and walking a portion of your commute.

So no more excuses internet friends! Let’s peel ourselves out of our post-holiday couch coma to take some small steps towards the big things awaiting us in 2020

Margaret (Grit) Phillips is an engineer and freelance writer who is passionate about women’s wellness. Find her on Instagram at @gritbyname or visit her blog at


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