The Ultimate 2019 Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

The Ultimate 2019 Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

  • 12/10/2019
Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide
Eco - Friendly Holidays with Sustainable Gift -Giving

The holidays are a special time during which we come together as a community to take care of each other. Gifts are purchased for loved ones, money is raised for important causes, and food is provided for those in need.

But unfortunately, they’re also the most wasteful time of year.

As reported by Stanford University, trash in America increases by 25% during the holiday season. That averages out to about one million extra tons of garbage per week which means that if we don’t pump the breaks on our holiday consumption, then we will produce an additional 7 MILLION POUNDS of waste between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

So this season, when we look to care for our less fortunate neighbors, we need to include the environment.

Luckily, sustainable gift giving is a fun, intentional, and meaningful way to celebrate the holidays. The options are endless, and in order to make the holiday season a little easier for all of you, we’ve put together a comprehensive 2019 Sustainable Gift Guide.

1. Consumables

I LOVE being able to share my favorite consumable products, and the holiday season is the best possible excuse to do so. There’s something so special about sharing and receiving homemade items or personal favorites with those you love. It allows you to give the gift of comfort, bright skin, flavor, smooth hands, stronger hair… the list goes on and on!

But this holiday season, what better gift can you give than the gift of health? Naturelle Company’s products allow you to do just that; with clean, non-GMO ingredients from traceable and sustainable supply chains. For peace of mind, their doctor approved formulas are natural, safe, and effective for women’s specific needs. If you want a fail-safe gift option for the women in your life this year, you can’t go wrong with Naturelle Company products.

2. Environmentally-focused gifts

Another option is to give gifts that give back to the environment. Reusable crochet bags, cloth coffee filters, bamboo straws, fabric napkins, reusable placemats, water bottles, and composting bins are all awesome options for gifts that reduce waste.

This holiday season at Naturelle Company, we are sending a reusable crochet shopping bag as a gift with every

purchase of $50 or more. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself this season, or put it in an environmentally-focused gift basket for a friend.

3. Memberships

Memberships are a great alternative that keep giving all year round. Some options include National or State Park Passes, music subscriptions, local museum memberships, video streaming services, theme park season tickets, or a Class Pass membership.

4. Experiences

Gifting an experience not only allows you to give the gift of time, but it also is a great way to support local industries.

Cooking classes, theater tickets, restaurant gift cards, babysitting services, dance lessons, or art classes are all great options that are available to just about anyone.

5. Vintage framed pictures

These days, we have access to so many images. Between social media, internet web searches, and stock photos, its unbelievably easy to find a personalized option for your loved ones. Plus, unlike most gifts, a framed photo gives you an opportunity to write your loved one a note that will be preserved forever. Of course, the best option is to locate a frame at your nearest consignment store, but there are also some great online options for used goods, like Chairish, Everything But The House, and AptDeco.

6. Plants

A gift that will never go out of style is a potted plant. They’re beautiful house décor, they purify the air in your home, and can reduce physiological and psychological stress (Lee, Lee, Park, Miyazaki, 2015). Our favorite low maintenance green beauties include: the snake plant, the pothos, Dracaena, or a rubber tree. All of these plants are carried by local big box stores and require very little maintenance.

And if you’re looking for a sustainable pot in which to plant your new green friends, we love Eco Forms recycled pots and biodegradable coconut fiber pots.

7. Donations/acts of charity

We all have that particular friend who is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for and sends you into a fit of despair every holiday season.

Bypass the headache this season and give a donation on your friend’s behalf. Charity Navigator is a great way to find a charity that aligns with anyone’s priorities, AND they even walk you through tax deductible donations.

So this season, give your friends and family presents that they LOVE while caring for the environment at the same time. Because by gifting sustainably, you’re not just providing gifts during this holiday season, but you’re providing the gift of a healthy environment to be enjoyed by future generations to come.

Margaret (Grit) Phillips is an engineer and freelance writer who is passionate about women’s wellness. Find her on Instagram at @gritbyname or visit her blog at


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