Empowering Women

Empowering Women

We strive to empower women around the world.

Naturelle donates a portion of every sale to Women for Women International, a nonprofit organization that supports women affected by conflict and war, and helps them “create sustainable change for herself, her family, and community”.

Since 1993, Women for Women International has served more than 500,000 women in eight conflict-affected countries. They provide marginalized women with a yearlong social and economic empowerment program, where they gain training and opportunities learning new skills, resources, and knowledge. Some of their training includes:

  • Women learn basic business skills and a vocational skill with earning power in their local markets
  • Women learn how to manage their health, including reproductive health and stress management, and the importance of good hygiene and nutrition for their families
  • Women learn their fundamental rights and those recognized in their countries and are encouraged to educate other women
  • Women learn the importance of civic participation, voting, and negotiation

Women for Women International provides women who have completed their yearlong training with further support by connecting them to financial services, advanced business and vocational trainings, and support networks to increase their ability to earn, save, and access capital.

They have also learned that engaging men is instrumental in changing social and cultural norms that constrain women’s autonomy and decision-making. Since 2001, they have trained more than 15,000 men to become allies and champions of the empowerment of women and girls.

To learn more, please click here to view a video about Women for Women International, or visit their website at www.womenforwomen.org

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