Organic Vegan Protein - Vanilla

Organic Vegan Protein - Vanilla

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Naturelle Organic Vegan Protein is a premium plant-based protein supplement created for women, by women. Made with specific USDA Certified Organic ingredients, including 20g. of plant-based protein per serving, superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes that contain essential nutrients for enhanced energy, metabolism, and mood. This supplement is doctor approved to provide nutritional support for digestion, immune function, and healthy weight management. Natural vanilla flavor – Try me for breakfast, post-workout, or a snack!

Directions: Mix one scoop of Naturelle Skinny Vegan Protein with 8 ounces of water (or almond milk if allergen free). To be taken any time of the day. Great in smoothies!

Serving (Size A): 10 servings / 10 scoops
Servings (Size B): 20 servings / 20 scoops

Supplement Facts

Hemp Seed Protein

Typically found in the Northern Hemisphere, hemp seed protein is a complete plant-based protein with all nine essential amino acids, healthy omega fatty acids, and fiber. It is easily digested, and provides anti-fatigue and immune enhancing benefits. Country of Origin: Romania

Brown Rice Protein

Native to Asia, brown rice is a hypoallergenic, easily digested protein packed with plant-based nutrients, antioxidants, and amino acids. It is low in heavy metals, supports muscle recovery, enhanced fat burning, and healthy blood sugar levels. Country of Origin: China

Pumpkin Protein

Native to North America, pumpkin protein is nutrient-rich, highly digestible, rich in amino acids, and also a good source of essential omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9. Country of Origin: Austria

Pea Protein

Peas are highly nutritious pulses, low-allergen, and high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, potassium, iron, and folate. Pea protein promotes muscle thickness during sport training, and has been shown to promote weight loss. Country of Origin: Canada

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Native to parts of Africa and Asia, this plant is rich in antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds. With its good source of iron and calcium, it is a natural energy booster. It also supports healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, targets inflammation, boosts stamina, and promotes detoxification. Country of Origin: India

Cinnamon Bark

Native to Sri Lanka, India, and Myanmar, its high content of polyphenol antioxidants, along with its antibacterial and antifungal properties, enhance the immune system’s capacity to ward of infections and ease inflammation. It also has anti-diabetic effects and supports optimal blood sugar levels. Country of Origin: Vietnam

Green Tea Extract

Originating in eastern and southern Asia, green tea is rich in antioxidants called catechins, which have been shown to increase the body’s antioxidant capacity and target oxidative stress (cell damage). It also aids in weight management, promotes heart health, and helps support healthy blood sugar levels. Country of Origin: India

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Beneficial bacteria found in the small intestines, mouth, or vagina. It aids in lactose intolerance, supports healthy cholesterol levels, and targets pollen allergies. This strain also helps reduce overgrowth of pathogens in the digestive tract and boosts immune function, which helps decrease the frequency of vaginal yeast and urinary tract infections. Country of Origin: United States

Bacillus Coagulans

Beneficial spore-forming bacteria that promote gut flora growth, help improve nutrient absorption, support a healthy inflammatory response, and aid with many digestive issues, like diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Country of Origin: India

Other Ingredients

Digestive Enzyme Complex

This unique complex of digestive enzymes boosts the body’s capacity to break down food into smaller, more absorbable nutrients. When digestive enzymes are in short supply, the body cannot fully digest or absorb nutrients in food. Country of Origin: Japan

Natural Flavors (Vanilla-Coconut)

Organic-compliant, pure vanilla-coconut natural flavor that has never been exposed to synthetic or toxic substances, such as genetically modified organisms, MSG, and artificial preservatives. Country of Origin: United States


Organic compliant, naturally occurring sugar alcohol that is extracted from fruits and plants. It is a natural sweetener with a low glycemic impact that is diabetic-friendly and won’t contribute to tooth decay. Country of Origin: China

Sunflower Lecithen

Organic compliant and sourced from sunflowers, lecithen is a fatty element found in phospholipid portion of cells in the body and various plants. Due to its emulsifying and antioxidant properties, it is widely used in culinary and baking applications. Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Stevia Leaf

Organic compliant and native to tropical regions in South America, the leaves of the stevia shrub can be consumed as a natural sweetener that does not negatively affect blood sugar levels. Naturally sourced, produced, and never exposed to chemical processing. Country of Origin: India

Sea Salt

Pure sea salt from clean sea water. No purification or processing of the harvested salt. Country of Origin: Austrailia

Ashwagandha Root

Native to dry regions in India, Northern Africa, and the Middle East, this powerful herb helps normalize physiological functions. It has strong antioxidant and ayurvedic benefits, and is commonly used to ease fatigue and nervous exhaustion, as well as for memory enhancement. Country of Origin: India
Health & Benefits

  • Organic

  • Vegan

  • Non-GMO Ingredients

  • All Natural Ingredients

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • No Gluten

  • No Soy

  • No Dairy

  • No Lactose

  • No Tree Nuts

Promotes Healthy Weight Management

Includes four organic plant-derived proteins that promote weight management, support healthy blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes, and enhance cardiovascular health.

Boosts Energy

Contains four organic superfoods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as iron and calcium. Protein and amino acids from organic plants in this supplement provide a natural energy boost.

Benefits the Nervous System

Includes Organic Hemp Protein and Organic Ashwagandha Root; commonly used to target fatigue and nervous exhaustion.

Enhances Digestion

Special probiotic strains target harmful bacteria that can enter the GI tract from “traveler’s diarrhea”. By supporting increased levels of beneficial bacterial balance, the body’s ability to ward of infections is enhanced.

Supports Longevity

Several ingredients improve the body’s antioxidant activity. This enhances the body’s ability to protect cells from free radical (toxin) damage, which is the key to longevity.

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Who should take it?

Naturelle Organic Vegan Protein can be taken by anyone but is formulated for women looking to increase their protein intake, naturally boost energy, and stabilize their metabolism. Many women do not get enough protein in their diet, and can benefit from an organic, plant-based protein supplement that is low-calorie, high-protein, and nutrient packed. We include probiotics and organic superfoods, like moringa, ashwagandha, green tea, and cinnamon bark for an added energy boost.

When should I take it?

Organic Vegan Protein can be taken at any time, but is great when taken in the following instances:

• For a low-calorie, high protein shake on-the-go.
• Before or after going to the gym, to encourage muscle growth and recovery.
• When you want to meet your protein goals but just can’t eat enough protein-rich foods.
• When your body is craving energy.
• A nutritious and organic addition to plant-based diets and smoothies.

How should I take it?

We recommend mixing one scoop of Organic Vegan Protein with eight to ten ounces of water, or almond milk, if you are allergen-free.

How should I store it after opening?

Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and sun.

How many grams of protein are in it?

There are 20 grams of plant-based protein per serving.

Is it organic?

Yes! Organic Vegan Protein is USDA Certified Organic.

What type of vegan protein do you use?

We use USDA Certified Organic plant-based protein from four vegan sources: pea protein, hemp protein, brown rice protein, and pumpkin protein.

Where are the ingredients sourced?

We source our ingredients from around the world, often wherever the growing conditions are ideal for us to obtain the best ingredients available. All ingredients in Organic Vegan Protein are USDA Certified Organic. View ingredient database here.

Are all of the ingredient’s vegan?


Are all of the ingredients NON-GMO?


Are there any artificial ingredients?

No artificial ingredients!

Why did you add herbal ingredients to a protein supplement?

We added four organic superfoods to provide you with enhanced energy and weight management benefits:

• Moringa: Supports overall health with powerful antioxidants
• Ashwagandha: Provides adaptogenic relief in times of stress
• Green Tea: Boosts metabolism and energy levels
• Cinnamon Bark: Promotes healthy blood sugar levels

Are there probiotics in it?

Yes! We use two probiotic strains: Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bacillus Coagulans. Both strains are stable, healthy bacteria that survive stomach acidity and help restore intestinal flora.

How many servings are in a container?

We sell two container sizes: 10 servings and 20 servings.

How big is one scoop?

One scoop is 30 grams, equivalent to about two tablespoons.

Does this supplement come with a scoop?

Yes, it comes with a scoop.

Does the container have a seal for freshness and safety?

Yes, it comes with a seal!

Is it safe?

All ingredients in Organic Vegan Protein are safe and well tolerated. It is made in the USA in FDA Inspected Facilities. Consult your physician prior to taking this supplement if you are unsure of how your body may react.

Can this supplement help me lose weight?

The organic blend of plant-derived proteins in Organic Vegan Protein helps promote weight management and supports healthy blood sugar levels. Protein burns more calories digesting than any other food group, and may suppress cravings and hunger - supporting weight-loss when accompanied with a balanced diet.

What allergens are NOT in it?

No gluten, soy, dairy, lactose, tree nuts, and eggs are included. If you have an allergy, please consult with your physician prior to use.
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